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What is The Crown of Wu!?


Chosen to participate in the PlayStation Talents

This game takes us to live the adventures of Wu after his awakening. He was locked up for a long time for his bad deeds but now that he’s back, he wants to make amends for his past. To do this he has to find his crown, because someone is using it to endanger the Big City. Throughout multiple scenarios, Wu will fight enemies and solve puzzles in order to improve his skills, so that he will have more and more ability to solve the enigma of the disappearance of his crown.


Project of students and ex-students of Trazos_

Trazos & Redmountain


Trazos_ and Red Mountain

From the video game area of ​​the School, this project has been launched in which only students and former students of Trazos participate, directed by our trainer: José Carlos Montero.

Students and ex-students of Trazos belonging to different areas of the School participate in this project, such as Video Games or Digital Illustration, in such a way that collaborators have the opportunity to work as a team within a professional environment , approaching the work model that they will find once they enter the industry.

One of the biggest goals of The Crown of Wu! It has been to be able to participate in the PlayStation Talents, and we have succeeded. We are semi-finalists in this competition along with a dozen studios. Among all those selected we are the only School, something that gives value to our training and students.

Are you interested in more info about the game? Please, request for a PITCH DECK at this mail :


The enigma of the disappearance of his crown

Wu’s crown must be retrieved!

At first everything was order and balance. Technology and religion lived in harmony, united under the rule of the emperor and his army of robotic guardians.
Of all his servants none was more faithful than Wu. They were happy times. But even the most luminous champion has a dark side and began to abuse his crown, capable of controlling any device attached to the mineral network. As time passed, that abuse led to nefarious deeds, and though there was still good in his heart,

Wu became a shadow of the hero he once was.

For such crimes he would be sentenced, since no one could endanger the balance and the established order. It would be frozen forever. His confinement would be eternal, almost conscious and immobile for the rest of his days.

One ​​day he woke up and with great pain he was able to see how chaos and devastation reigned unopposed around him. His crown was gone. From his old prison he watched as everything collapsed around him, it was time to reclaim his crown and restore order.

We must retrieve the crown of Wu!


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